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Equine Nutrition

Highlander Training Center

At Highlander Training Center, we focus on every aspect of training and care to bring out the best in your individual horses. One of the key areas in our program is nutrition
and  we were honored to host world renowned equine nutritionist Dr. Steve Jackson at HTC to evaluate and consult on our feeding program. We have professionally lab tested the nutrient content of our hay (orchard grass and alfalfa as well as coastal bermuda) as well as pasture and paddock grasses and customized our feeding program to maximize its nutritional value and palatability for your horses.

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Everything we do at Highlander Training Center revolves around one thing: training. With over 100 years of combined experience, our certified team of trainers have produced over 300 stakes winners in the past 30 years and won multiple awards. We focus exclusively on early-life training, when we have the most influence over the skill and potential of each horse.


Highlander Training Center offers full services for trainees and layups. Our stalls come equipped with automatic waterers, corner feeders, oscillating fans, and rubber matted walls and floors. Each horse is cared for attentively with regular exercise and therapy. We carefully monitor the health of each horse through regular veterinary care, and nightly security checks are done for all horses.

Therapy Center Coming in 2022