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Highlander Training Center
A State-of-the-Art Facility for the Breaking and Training of your Thoroughbreds


Highlander Training Center rests on 190 acres near Sulphur Springs, Texas, 80 miles east of Dallas. Highlander was founded on the core principle of forging champions. Highlander Training Center sits within easy shipping distance of nine major racetracks, and we regularly ship horses to tracks in Kentucky, New York and across the country.

At Highlander Training Center, we strive to produce winning horses through meticulous horsemanship, carefully balanced nutrition, complete veterinary care, and attention to detail. Our riders and grooms are also experienced professionals focused on bringing each individual horse to its maximum potential. 



78 12′ x 12′ stalls with:

  • Mattress floors and rubber matted walls

  • Stainless steel automatic waterers

  • Automatic fly system

  • Corner feeders at natural angle

  • Mounted overhead fans

  • Aisle ways have Polylast poured rubber flooring

  • 7 wash bays with temperature controlled water

  • Scale to monitor horses’ weights

  • Gated hallways on entries and exits

  • Open airflow and plenty of ventilation

  • Covered round pen with rubber lined walls and Eurowalker in Barn 1

  • Covered round pen with rubber lined walls and Eurowalker at Barn 2

  • On-premises staff housing

  • 24-hour, monitored security system



  • 5/8ths-mile main training track with large radius of turns designed in consultation with Dennis Moore, who is considered by many industry leaders as the premier racetrack design and construction expert in the world.

  • Track surface tested by Racing Surfaces Testing Laboratory of Lexington, Kentucky

  • Duralock safety rail

  • Watered and groomed daily with extremely safe & kind surface

  • True Center starting gates

  • Trainer on a pony horse goes with  every set to the track

  • Viewing Building located at the finish line


Our mile-and-three-eighths (1-3/8ths mile) turf gallop.

A unique and exciting feature at HTC is our 1 3/8ths mile turf gallop. The manicured and undulating turf surface and sandy soil provide a break from our conventional training track and help to build muscle and mental freshness in an efficient manner. The turns and gradual hills also help reinforce balance and lead changes in young horses.​ Additionally, periodic training over this grass surface can provide valuable 
experience to horses in preparation for turf racing.

Photos by David Pollard & Jeff Hooper


  • 11 pastures with loafing sheds

  • 11 paddocks and 5 turnout pens, each equipped with an automatic waterer.

  • The eleven lush rolling pastures of Highlander Training Center’s 189 acres provide your horses the opportunity to maintain a level of fitness even while on a break from racing or training.

  • The oversized loafing sheds supply horses with comfort and safety. Each pasture has its own wood-lined loafing shed, hay feeders, and large, mature trees for extra shade. 

  • The setting offers the thoroughbred comfort and room to stretch their legs in a low stress environment. 

  • The lane-ways between pastures creates a safe way to move horses from pasture to pasture. 

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