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Realizing Your Horse’s Potential

Experienced, Seasoned and Successful Trainers

Convenient Texas Training Facility

State of the art Fitness & Therapy Center

Highlander Training Center

Breaking, Training, Preparing and Caring for your young thoroughbreds


At Highlander Training Center, we know that thoroughbred horses are meant to win. Our mission is to start and train horses using proven techniques, experienced horsemanship and attention to detail to bring each horse to their full potential on the track.

From trainers to riders, to grooms, our exceptional staff understands what is needed in training a thoroughbred racing champion.


Jimmy “Scooter” Dodwell co-founded Highlander Training Center in July of 2017. He immediately began building a skilled team of riders, grooms, and trainers to offer the highest level of professional horsemanship in developing each individual horse.

For 17 years, Scooter worked with his father, Ed, breaking and training thoroughbreds at Diamond D Ranch. When Ed retired, Scooter assumed his duties as head trainer, which he carried out for 13 years before creating Highlander Training Center. Over the past 30 years, Scooter has developed horses who have won over 300 stakes races, including 2009 Horse of the Year, Rachael Alexandra.

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(300+ Winners in the past 24 months)

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Our Services

Therapy Center Coming 2021

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Everything we do at Highlander Training Center revolves around one thing: doing what is in the best interest of the horse. With over 100 years of combined experience, our team of trainers has developed over 300 stakes winners in the past 30 years and won multiple awards. We focus on early-life training, when we have the most influence over the development and potential of each horse.


Highlander Training Center offers a full suite of services for horses of racing age. Our stalls come equipped with automatic waterers, corner feeders, oscillating fans, and rubber matted walls and floors. Each horse is cared for attentively with regular exercise and access to our fitness & therapy center. We carefully monitor the health of each horse through regular veterinary care, and nightly security checks are done for all horses.


We are also uniquely equipped to give older horses a break from the rigors of racing and bring them back to their peak of mental and physical preparedness. Highlander offers 11 large pastures as well as 16 paddocks and turn-out pens for layups and turn-outs. We then utilize our proven training and horsemanship skills along with our Fitness & Therapy Center modalities for a fresh and fit return to the races.


The Highlander Fitness & Therapy Center offers a complete suite of services including Cold Saltwater Spa, Aqua treadmills, Vibrating Floor Stalls, full veterinarian care and more. Offering a complete suite of services for the care, fitness & therapy of your Thoroughbreds.


Our Mission

Highlander Training Center is a premier thoroughbred training facility known throughout the industry for uncompromising standards in training and caring for our horses and where our clients, suppliers and team members are treated with dignity and respect.

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White Paper Benefits of Therapy & Fitness Programs for Thoroughbred Racehorses

February 2022